Need insulation for your Pole Barn? We have you covered!

Use Textrafine fiberglass insulation.

  • Available in 6” thick, in widths up to 93” wide to fit your 8’ on center post cavity.
  • 1” condensation control blankets 48” wide by 100’ long
  • TextraFine Insulation For pole barns. Rolls are standard 93” wide and friction fit for fast and easy installation in 8′ on center posts frame buildings.
  • 48″ wide for ceilings and walls. 

TextraFine’s Long-fibers outperform standard fiberglass

  • Tensile Strength – reinforces durability
  • Recovery – expands back after compression
  • Rigidity – holds its shape and won’t settle over time
  • Available thicknesses range from 1” (R-4) to 6” (R-19)

R-Value up to R-19

TextraFine is a long-fiber insulation that is guaranteed to recover after un-packaging. Thus, allowing the insulation to maintain installed R-values of R-4 to R-19.

ProCat Insulation

  • Blown insulation system
  • Intended for open applications as well as closed cavity situations
  • Manufactured in accordance to ASTM C764 regulations

Benefits of ProCat:

  • Mold Resistant Insulation
  • Easy Installation


ProCat Insulation has an R-Value ranging from R-13 to R-60.

Kingspan GreenGuard

  • A variety of application, including inside basement walls and over wood sheathing

Benefits of GreenGuard:

  • Provides an extra layer of protection against moisture
  • Continuous insulation for above-grade walls, as well as below-grade walls and floors


GreenGuard has an R-Value of 5.0 per inch of thickness.